Concrete Stock Trough Moulds Australia

Swan Fabrications manufacture all types of concrete trough moulds.

From large circular stock troughs suitable for feed lots or yards, through to traditional small rectangular water troughs that are used in paddocks, we can manufacture a mould to create any size of shape trough.

Suitable for sheep, cattle, horses and other domesticated animals, concrete stock troughs provide a reliable water source for animals as they are difficult to tip over and are not subject to UV deterioration or stock damage.

Swan Fabrications can make trough moulds to manufacture troughs with or without float valve chambers.

Our moulds can be made to produce animal water troughs in any size and shape with the only limitation being the practical transportation limitations.

Please give us a call to discuss your trough manufacturing requirements and we will build and ship your heavy duty reusable steel mould to anywhere in Australia.

Please get in touch here :

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