Jersey Kerbs Concrete Road Barriers

Moulds to make Jersey Kerbs or Concrete Road Barriers

Swan Fabrications can make all types of road barrier and jersey kerb moulds.

Typically these can be made with key joints on either end to allow interlinking of the concrete road barriers when in place. The design also allows for vertical lift, so sections can be removed without disturbing the adjacent barrier sections.

The concrete road barrier moulds can also contain inserts for drain slots, so that water can pass under the concrete barrier when it is in place.

Another option that is popular with precast concrete barrier manufacturers is the ability to include forklift tyne slots to allow loading and positioning of the concrete road barriers without the need for a crane.

We can manufacture your jersey kerb moulds any length up to 3m long

The finished products are also known as

  • Concrete Road Barriers
  • Crash Barriers
  • Jersey Kerbs
  • Jersey Barriers
  • Concrete Traffic Control Barriers
  • Crowd Control Barriers
  • Concrete Crash Barriers
  • Precast Concrete Barriers
  • Jersey Walls
  • Road Safety Barriers
  • Modular Concrete Barriers

We build moulds from scratch to your specifications, so they can be variable heights, widths and depths. We recommend keeping the barriers to 3m or under for finished barrier handling and weight considerations.

If you would like to start making concrete jersey kerbs or road barriers, please give us a call and we can discuss the concrete products you would like to make, so we can design a solution to bring your vision to life.

Please call Paul onĀ  0410 538 751

We build to order and ship moulds to all parts of Australia at competitive rates