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Custom Built Steel Moulds for Precast Concrete - Our Only Limit is Your Imagination

Steel Mould for Cement Planters

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We are ready to build your next precast concrete mould and can ship Australia wide

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With over 28 years experience in the manufacture of reusable steel moulds for the production of precast concrete products, Swan Fabrication is ready to discuss bringing your ideas and designs into reality.

Whether you would like to produce simple concrete blocks or pavers, stock troughs, planters, street furniture, seating or benches, through to complex one off architectural features, we are ready and able to build a robust, reusable mould to get the job done. 

Specialising in Steel moulds for precast concrete products up to 5m and producing moulds of up to 1 tonne, we can ship your mould to all parts of Australia at very competitive rates.

  • Concrete Planter Moulds
  • Concrete Bollard Moulds
  • Moulds for precast concrete products
  • Concrete Block Moulds
  • Concrete Water Trough Moulds
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  • Reusable Steel Moulds for Precast Concrete Products

Whatever type of precast concrete product you want to make, we have the knowledge and experience to manufacture your mould and to ensure it will work and is robust enough to keep producing for years to come. With close to 30 years experience, we will be able to assist in the design process so that you will get the results you are expecting and produce consistent, robust and transportable concrete products time after time.

What Our Clients Are Saying

" Paul from Swan Fabrications has been building moulds for us for more than 10 years. They are always functional, accurate and supplied on time. A very good operator "

~ John Camilleri -

Production Manager - Hanson Precast

"Swan Fabrications produced a series of concrete moulds for us recently, we couldn't be happier with Paul's service and the end product "

~ John Davoll -

Denliz Trading

Steel Moulds for Precast Concrete

If you require a mould to produce unique concrete products, we are here to help.

We manufacture all of our moulds in heavy duty steel so they maintain their structure no matter how much you use them, which means you produce consistent accurate concrete products time after time.

Whether you are looking for block moulds for a press, large free standing products like security bollards, street planters, benches or tables,  we can build you a mould to bring your product to life.

We can work with detailed drawings, or can design the mould based on your concept.  Either way we have an extensive track record and have built a huge range of moulds for clients and projects all over Australia. 


Concrete Block Moulds

As well as manual block moulds, we can also build concrete block moulds for dry press block and paver machines. Whatever the style or shape of the concrete block that you want to produce, we can work with you to achieve the end results you are looking for.  See below pictures of a window sill block mould and the finished product it is used for.

Picture of concrete window sill blocks made in a precast concrete block mould

Concrete Water Trough Moulds

Still one of the most popular applications for precast concrete.  Concrete water troughs are popular with the agriculture and equestrian communities because they are extremely difficult for the stock to tip over.

Swan Fabrications can make moulds for water troughs in all shapes and sizes. The moulds are extremely robust and reusable so you can manufacture stock troughs to order, or make a batch for same day supply.


Concrete Planter Moulds

Concrete planter moulds come in almost unlimited designs and sizes.  Whether you need to produce planters for security installations, barriers or for decorative purposes, we can build you a mould to make any size or shape planter. We are really only limited by your imagination. If you can think it, we can almost certainly build it.

Steel Mould for Cement Planters

Precast Concrete Bench Moulds

Precast concrete bench moulds can be made in almost unlimited combinations of shapes and sizes.

Whether you need to make solid single piece concrete benches that double as security bollards, or decorative concrete supports for timber bench seats, we can build a robust reusable precast concrete mould to get the job done.

The options and designs are pretty much unlimited. We can work with your design drawings, or loose concept or we can suggest designs based on the bench moulds we have built in the past that are in use all over Australia.

If you are looking to purchase concrete benches for your council or venue and are not keen on pouring the products yourself, we can probably put you in touch with a precast concrete company to make them for you.

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