Precast Concrete Mould Manufacturers

When looking for a manufacturer to partner with to make your moulds it makes sense to select someone who knows what they are doing and has a long track record in the design and manufacture of heavy duty steel moulds for making precast concrete products.

Swan fabrications has close to 30 years in the industry and can locally build and supply your next precast concrete mould. We manufacture custom heavy duty steel moulds in house, which means there are no third party or overseas contractors in the supply chain. So you have one point of contact and no project delays due to uncontrollable factors.

The types of precast concrete product we can build moulds for include :

  • Street Furniture
  • Planters
  • Security Bollards
  • Benches
  • Precast Concrete Tables
  • Culverts
  • Concrete Drainage and Communication Trenches
  • Water Troughs
  • Tanks
  • Concrete Blocks
  • Concrete Pavers
  • Concrete Landscape Edging
  • Interlocking Fence Panels
  • Seating
  • Steps
  • Ballustrades
  • Drop in Security Barriers
  • Concrete Panels
  • Pits
  • Seating
  • Arches and Columns
  • Architectural Components
  • Concrete Lintels
  • Car park wheel bump stops
  • Landscape Features

If you do not see the product you want to make on the list, don't worry. We can build moulds for just about anything.

In the past we have built moulds for large civil engineering projects like road bridges, stadium seating plats, box culverts - extremely big projects. These days we specialise in moulds that can be transported Australia wide. This means we like to keep the moulds under 5m in length, which is generally more than sufficient to make everything on the list above.

When you are looking for Precast Concrete Mould Manufacturers , we believe you need not look any further than Swan Fabrications.

All the moulds we make for you will be built from heavy duty steel. This ensures there is no flex in the mould and it will not eventually crack, unlike plastic or fibreglass moulds. This means you get years of use out of your investment and every product you pour will be accurate and will have the same dimensions after several years as the products you make on day one.

All moulds are custom built and this process starts with a conversation.

Please give me a call to discuss your requirements

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Paul Smith - Owner