Concrete Water Trough Moulds

Swan Fabrications can manufacture robust steel moulds to enable you to make any type of precast concrete water trough.

We can make the popular rectangular trough moulds up to 5m in length which can come with or without compartments to cover the water ballcock valve.

We can also supply concrete water trough moulds in smaller round configurations for stock yards. In fact we'll produce a mould to make any shape you like as long as it can be shipped without too much hassle.

With close to 30 years experience under our belt, we know the properties of precast concrete and understand the qualities that a good steel mould needs to have in order to produce consistent results.

No matterĀ  what the design, we'll build a mould that won't flex or bulge, will be solid and reusable for years and years. This means your one time investment will be returned over and over and the troughs you produce will be identical every time.

We have a number of designs we have built, so can guide you if you are not sure of the final product you want to produce, or you can give us your detailed plans and we'll build a steel mould to accurately produce the precast product you want to manufacture.

All projects large and small start with a phone call. Let's have chat about your project, what you are looking to make and we will let you know how we can bring your vision to life.

Please give me a call to discuss concrete water trough moulds whether it's one you need designed of one you already have plans for:

0410 538 751

Paul Smith - Owner