Concrete Block Moulds

If you need a steel mould for making precast concrete blocks, you are in the right place.

Swan Fabrications can build concrete block moulds to manufacture any type, shape or size of concrete block.

The multi block steel moulds we can make for you can be manual stand alone precast moulds or they can be made to fit dry press block and paver machines.

While there are cheap plastic moulds on the market, serious precast operators will know that solid steel is the best solution if you want consistent results from your block or paver mould.

Choosing a robust heavy duty steel mould will enable high volume use with the mould being capable of daily use for years to come.

There is no limit to the combination of size and shapes of the blocks you can make with  Swan Fabrications Concrete Block Moulds.

Typically the moulds we make will enable you to pour multiple concrete blocks in the one mould, but we are happy to build the steel mould to meet your exact requirements.

We understand that your requirements my be unique, so each project or mould build starts with a phone call.

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Paul Smith - Owner


Picture of concrete window sill blocks made in a precast concrete block mould