Swan Fabrications

We are an Australian based manufacturer of custom steel moulds for manufacturing precast concrete products.

The business is owned and operated by Paul Smith who has close to 30 years experience fabricating precast concrete moulds.

The journey started in 1990 at Rescrete Industries in NSW which became Hanson Precast one of the leading civil precast concrete operations in Australia.

Over the years Paul has built and designed hundreds of moulds for a diverse range of projects and products.  These have been everything from a humble park bench through to massive civil construction projects like bridges, stadium seating plats and box culverts.

Each project while having similar traits has been a unique end product.

These days we focus mainly on fabricating transportable moulds used to produce products like Street Furniture including planters, bollards, seating and barriers and traffic management products, custom wheel stops for car parks and agricultural products like stock troughs, drainage channels, steps and so on.

Architectural designs and components are also one of our specialities. Custom curved balustrades, steps, fencing and columns are all items that we have built moulds for and our clients can be certain that the end product will be an accurate reflection of the design supplied.

Because each product our clients wish to manufacture is unique, we do not stock precast concrete steel moulds. We can however build to order and ship Australia wide very quickly.

Whatever precast concrete product you are looking to produce, whether it is a one off or a precast product you wish to produce over & over, we can design and build a steel mould to get the job done.

As well as stand alone steel moulds, we can also make inserts for dry press block and paver machines which will enable you to produce unique precast concrete products in large volumes.

Each project starts with a phone call - we need to discuss your requirements and project timeline so that we can build and deliver your mould and get you producing precast products with consistent results for as long as you need to.

Please give me a call :

0410 538 751

Paul Smith - Owner