Concrete Bench Moulds

If you are looking to produce concrete benches for municipal spaces, street furniture or parks, swan fabrications can build your mould.

Popular with councils and venue owners, solid concrete benches are extremely hard to steal from unsecured open spaces and with some imagination can look very attractive and add to the overall landscaping or street scape.

From simple rectangular forms through to interlocking curves, there is no limit to the moulds we can make for you so you can manufacture precast concrete benches to order or for stock that is ready to ship to your customer.

We use steel to construct all the precast concrete bench moulds we manufacture, so you can rest assured that the mould will not flex or break, which means you can re-use it over and over for years and the results you get from each precast concrete pour will be accurate and consistent. The 1000th bench you make will be identical to the first.

On top of the solid block style concrete bench moulds we can build for you, we also make moulds to produce park style benches. The concrete element, being the ends and legs that support the timber seating slats. While being more prone to vandalism and theft, the concrete based timber park benches are still extremely popular with shires, councils and the domestic market.

We can work with your designs to produce precast concrete bench moulds to match, or you can give us a broad concept and we are happy to work with that.

All the precast concrete bench moulds we produce can be shipped Australia wide at very competitive rates and turnaround will be a lot faster than you would expect.  We make all precast concrete  moulds to order in-house, so there are absolutely no third party or offshore contractors involved that could slow your project down.

With close to 30 years experience building precast concrete moulds, we know what works and can build an accurate, robust and reusable steel mould for any bench design or concrete product you would like to make.

All projects start with a conversation, so please give me a call to see if we can bring your precast concrete project to life.

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Paul Smith - Owner.