Concrete Table Moulds

Precast Concrete Table Moulds can come in almost unlimited shapes and sizes to produce solid concrete tables.

Traditionally concrete benches have been the preferred choice for councils and venue operators where outside tables are provided.  The obvious advantages are that they are heavy so deter theft, rarely blow over in a storm and will not rot like some timber tables inevitably will.

More recently, concrete has been used as an architectural feature in many modern homes, so it is not unusual to find concrete dining tables or concrete coffee tables present in slick modern minimalist interior design to compliment polished concrete floors or concrete kitchen bench tops.

The concrete table moulds we build are constructed using heavy gauge steel so they will not flex or crack like a plastic or fibreglass mould will, which means you can produce tables using the mould for years to come and every table you pour will be accurate and identical in dimensions to every one produced from the mould.

Having close to 30 years experience building concrete moulds to make everything from small domestic planter to highway bridges we have the know-how and track record to build your concrete table mould to produce accurate results based on your plans. If you don't have plans, but just a loose concept, we can work with you to make sure the end product made in the mould works and is everything you expect.

We build all concrete table moulds to order and each one is unique. This process starts with a conversation.

Please call to discuss your requirements and we will bring your product to life - we rarely encounter a design or product made with precast concrete that we cannot build a mould for.

Concrete Table Mould

We manufacture all concrete table moulds in house. There are no third party or overseas contractors involved in producing your mould and we can ship to all parts of Australia at very competitive rates.

Please give me a call and we'll see if we can get the ball rolling on your next precast concrete product.

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Paul Smith - Owner